Terms & Conditions

V-Truss Organics is the owner of the brand and of vtrussorganics.com. Your use of the website, www.vtrussorganics.com, which is a B2C ecommerce platform, is governed by certain rules and regulations that are as follows.

In the following clauses you, your or User refers to any legal and natural person whoever chooses to visit or buy products from the website. We, our and us refers to V-Truss Organics.

1. The membership or account over the website is free of cost and any user can open an account to purchase products.

2. By signing up or registering as ‘Organic Member’ or ‘V-Truss Organics Member’ you declare that you are above the age of 18 and legally capable of taking decisions.

3. Mobile number and email id, both or one, are needed essentially and will be the unique identification of user.

4. It is user’s responsibility to duly inform us in case there is change of mobile number or email. In case of lack of proper intimation, we will not be responsible for any activity or consequences that may occur due to use or misuse of your account.

5. We can block access or suspend/reject your account under following, but not limited to, conditions –

  • if information provided by you is found as untrue, misleading or incorrect
  • if you try to hack or crash our website in any manner
  • if you are found reselling our products without our written consent
  • if you download images, copy information or any other content from our website for personal benefits 
  • if you are found involved in any activity that gives financial loss to us or harms our image in the market
  • if you gather financial or personal information of other accounts of our website for any purpose.

6. We hold the right to cancel any order at any stage due to lack of stock, transport facility or other circumstances. You will be informed via SMS/email about cancellation and if you have already made the payment it will be reversed and transferred to the same account from which it was received.

7. Any misrepresentation, faulty image, errors during transactions, etc. are completely unintentional. We will cooperate with you to recover any losses occurring due to these problems, however, we cannot be held responsible for such abrupt happenings.

Any breach of above conditions can even bring judicial proceedings against you, if needed. We may change or alter these terms of use at any time. You visiting the website affirms that you agree to abide by terms of use in full and always.