Privacy Policy

V-Truss Organics is the owner of the website designed to provide online shopping and payment services to consumers. While using this website, as a user you may be urged to provide some information and some information will get collected automatically. In order to maintain your privacy, which is our utmost objective, we have given compact description here about the type of information you may be urged to provide and in which manner this information can be used. As a user/visitor/organic member of this site you are advised to read this privacy policy carefully. By accessing the website, it is assumed that you agree to the terms and conditions of privacy policy and allow collection of information and manner in which it may be used.

In order to purchase any product from this website, you may be asked to provide details like first and last name, phone number, email ID and addresses. If you take part in any survey conducted from time to time, you may be asked to provide certain demographic details like age, gender and professional details like industry, designation and experience. While you surf through the website, information can be collected about which page you visited, which product or products you viewed, how much time you have spent over the website, etc.

The information which we collect is used for providing you personalized features over the website, like we guide you to product/page which you visited last time, showcase products you have shown interest in or have purchased, etc. We also use your contact details like phone number and email ID for sales promotion purposes to send messages regarding availability, arrival or discount over certain product or product category, and information about festive as well as seasonal offers. The question which you will answer in the surveys can be used to improve quality of services, range of categories, products, sales promotion, discounts, etc.

We do not share your personally identifiable information with any third party. Your financial information is used only for completing the transaction. Your demographic details are used without your personally identifiable information.

You may alter/change the information provided over the website anytime.

We may use your personal and other information to prevent illegal, fraudulent or unlawful activities; protect site’s terms of use policies and to take steps to safeguard other users’ privacy and information. Your information can be shared with law enforcing agencies or legal bodies whenever ordered/requested.

V-Truss Organics holds the right to change these policies from time to time. The changes will be applicable from the moment these flash over the website.