Our Story

We are an Organic Brand with an elementary belief, ‘stick to your roots to grow higher. Our ancient values have taught us to respect nature, living beings and to never exploit anyone or anything for selfish reasons. From farm purification to processing and delivery, V-Truss Organics ensures that pure organic products, without any contamination, reach your home. We make sure that quality and purity is never compromised. We have chosen our packing material carefully to preserve goodness, nutrition and to keep harmful agents and moisture out. In our venture, we have left no stone unturned to ensure that farmers get benefited as much as other stakeholders do and in as many ways as possible. Our technicians and agriculture experts regularly visit farmers to give them training and knowledge about efficient irrigation methods that save water without compromising plant health and yield. Not only our farmers get share of profit along with their labour, their farm soil gets consistently better in terms of fertility and riddance from chemical, metal and pollutant content. Areas close to farms like grasslands, pastures and water-bodies also improve due to our organic farming practices providing health-friendly surroundings for local residents and children.

If you buy V-Truss Organics’ product, you get actual organic and not a counterfeit. You get full value for every single penny you spend by gaining health, higher nutrition and protection from hazardous agents, and topping on the cake, you also contribute in improving life of farmers and environment.


Why Organic?

India was completely organic till ‘Green revolution’ happened. Era after 1960 brought reckless use of artificial agro-products additional to unnatural agricultural practices, both of these collectively strained natural resources to an extent of exploitation in the name of feeding a large population. The eventualities of this recklessness and profit-earning urge are now glaring as threat with potential of annihilating human race to near extinction. V-Truss Organics has been institutionalized - genuinely and in the most unvarnished manner, to initiate unwinding of modern agricultural practices and use of lab-made products to improve yield. Our effort is not limited to just growing with agricultural practices from yore, but is with firm resolution to improve living standard and economic stability of son of the soil, our farmer.

Today, humans face higher health threat because of pollution, adulteration, medication side-effects, eating habits, lifestyle, congested residential areas and what not. It is not that threat to human health was non-existent in past, but even with minimum medical facilities, even lesser fitness centres and gyms people led a much better quality of life than today. Doubt our statement? Just compare yourself in stamina and energy with a person from a generation above, result will be as evident as the afternoon sun. Health threats were present even in the past, but these were not so deadly and varied as they are today. People in elder generation used to use organic products. They may not have much variety but whatever they used was pure. It was the goodness of organic products that gave them strength and resilience to go through physical hardships and stay healthy and fit with minimum medical support. Today, young to elderly, all are exposed to hazardous toxins accompanying products which have harmful effects on health.

Organic food works as a preventive and as a curative remedy. Even many modern health experts, scientists and researchers say that food is the best medicine. If you eat pure food without contamination, your body absorbs the nutrients and your organs function at top level. The bodily systems like cardio, musculoskeletal, respiratory, immune and digestive system, all improve considerably and enhance body’s vitality, stamina and immunity. Real beauty lies in a healthy body. Organic food not only boosts up physical and mental health but also improves skin tone, complexion, hair growth and overall looks. Regular organic diet eliminates pre-deposited toxins in vital organs like liver, kidneys, blood vessels, etc. and minimizes susceptibility for illnesses. In place of trusting medical insurance, medical facilities or acquaintance with doctors, eating nourishing, wholesome food that keeps body healthy and youthful, is a far better choice.